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Acquiring a wooden floor according to your needs will always counteract with the price, because it will be an investment in the short, medium and long term that will be reflected in the added value to your space.

Without a doubt, choosing the right floor will depend on your needs, tastes and objectives; But having a wooden floor in your room will not only provide warmth and sophistication, but also the possibility of combining and contrasting with your decoration to create synergy between the different decorative elements. For the good cheap laminating flooring this happens to be a very important matter.

Wood floors are ideal when building or remodeling a home. For its warmth, for being a purely natural product and for valuing any property where it is present. Today we have more varieties of species and formats when choosing the most suitable for each environment.

At the time of deciding, we must consider the preferred colors, the size of the environments, the use that will support it. Based on this it is essential to have the guidance of a professional to be able to decide both the wood and the ideal materials for laying and finishing.

The quality of the floors and materials used plus a trained and supervised workforce ensure a good result. The well trained part time cleaner is the best deal here.

The choice according to the environment

  • The traditional formats of wooden floors are two: parquet and planking. The small format, parquet, produces an impression of enlarging the environment, which is why it is usually used in small environments. The large format, , looks more in ample environments.
  • Another issue to consider is the color of the wood. Light colors produce the effect of making any environment bigger.
  • When the expert company sends us this budget, we must look at the organization of the elements that are in that document. The budget must be clear and it must be structured in batches. Also, we have to make sure that there is no fine print that can hide trap clauses.
  • What cleaning services does the budget cover? This document should express in a concise manner what sanitation tasks will be covered in my business.

Professional cleaning companies

In a budget must appear detailed the human team that will be responsible for this task in my company. It may be that a single professional comes or that two come and take half the time to carry out the same cleaning job.

Machinery, if they had to use it. It is likely that my company needs to be cleaned with specific mechanisms, such as machines to scrub the floor or baskets so that operators can carry out the cleaning of exterior windows. In the same way, we will have to indicate if what we need is a clean cleaning of work in our business. If this is the case, the company cleaning budget must specify how much this added service will cost us.

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